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Send us your session, tracks or stems. We'll professionally mix your tracks and produce a dynamic anbd competitive recording for your genre and tastes. Ask about our demo mixing deal for one of your songs.


We use professional hardware and software to properly master your music. Your master will sound professional and comptetitve. Years of music studio experience is put into every session. Ask about our demo mastering deal for one of your songs.


Need your live performance re-mixed, mastered or enhanced? We can correct most sonic issues that may exist through close mics, grounding, phase issues, room acoustics, audience background. Sonic Discovery specializes in re-mixing live music performances and Comedian performances.

Poscasts, Radio, TV, Film

We can mix and master your audio to broadcast standards, create/edit bumpers, EQ and balance production tracks, and many other services.


We have extensive Hollywood FX Foley and Sound Libraries and have worked on films and productions. We provide foley tracks in multitrack sessions.

Sound Design

From working with Apple, Linux, and Gnome, we can create unique soundscapes and sound design for your projects.


Visit our sister company Sonic Recovery for audio repair, restoration, enhancement, and analysis of audio and speech recordings.