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Sonic Discovery Studio has been in business for eight years. We recently switched our Pro Tools interfaces to Universal Audio hardware with Unison plugins.

As a voting member of the Grammy's and a platinum record recipient with years of experience as a touring musician, scoring, arranging and recording, Sonic Discovery was created to bring this experience and professionalism to your music. We are knowledgeable and can work with artists of all levels. Call or email to talk about how we can help your music and career reach the next level.

  • National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences: Voting Member 18 years.
  • Audio Engineering Society: Member seven years
  • Recent Work: Tom Rhodes Double CD "All Hail Laughter" Audio Post-Production
  • Recording Industry Association of America: Platinum Record & Gold Record Recipient
  • Recent Work: Tom Rhodes Double CD "All Hail Laughter" Audio Post-Production

Your Career - Your Music

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Mixing & Mastering Studio

Multitrack recording, multitrack and stem mixing for commercial, pop, rock, hard rock, reggae, and jazz. Mastering includes working with your two track mix to bring out the most of your music. Mix and master your live multitrack and stereo recordings. We also provide Audio Post-Production and Foley services.


Sonic Discovery Studio strives for the very best in audio.

Avid Pro Tools V. 2019
Maximum simultaneous audio tracks @ 48/96/192 kHz
128/64/32 (mono or stereo tracks)
Artist Control
Artist Mix
VCA Mixing
Mac Thunderbolt System
Glyph High Capacity Drives
Numerous Plugins and Effects

Get the ultimate mixing experience
Make your music the best it can be with advanced metering tools. Mix and control tracks faster and easier with VCA Masters. Know true levels using 17 advanced metering options, including K-system, VU, and other professional standards. Gain reduction metering on every channel to gauge dynamics.

Plug into legendary sound
Add warmth, energy, and clarity to your mixes. With the included Avid Channel Strip plug-in, you get exact replications of the renowned EQ and compression algorithms of the Avid System 5. It’s one of the most sought-after digital audio consoles used to create some of the greatest music and movie mixes ever produced.

Notable & Quotable...

“I can't thank you enough for all you've done to help me with this recording. I know you spent countless hours...Thank you and truck loads of love to you for lending your expertise to this recording.”
- Tom Rhodes (Comedian)
“Great working with you, very professional and fast.”
- Massagenerd
“Thank for your generous contribution to the CD! You Rock!”
- Steve Guile - Apple Developer
Apple QuickTime
“Thank you for all your work on my recording. You made my audio a priority and went that extra step!”
- Linda


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