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Pro Tools, Logic, LUNA

Universal Audio , Genelec

Izotope, Waves, Accentize

Audio Forensics, Linux, 010 Editor


Welcome to Sonic Discovery Studio

Sonic Discovery has been in business for 12 years. Our audio hardware runs on Universal Audio, with monitoring through a Trinnov ST2 Pro, Genelec's and Avatone's.

As a Voting member of the Grammy's, a platinum record recipient with years of touring experience as a musician, including film scoring, arranging and recording, Sonic Discovery was created to bring this experience and professionalism to your music and audio projects. We are knowledgeable and can work with Artists of all levels. Sonic Discovery Studio uses Universal Audio hardware, Genelec's, Avatones, Trinnov ST2 Pro, and runs Pro Tools, LUNA, and Logic on the new Mac Studio Computer. Call or email to talk about how Sonic Discovery can help you reach the next level with your music and career.

  • National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences: Grammy Voting Member 20 years.
  • Audio Engineering Society: Member 12 years
  • GRAMMY U: Mentor
  • Recent Work: Jahmark & The Soulshakers "Vigilance" Mastering
  • Recent Work: Joshua Tomsik "Carol of the Carols", Record, Mix, Master
  • Recording Industry Association of America: Platinum Record & Gold Record Recipient
  • Recent Work: Tom Rhodes Double CD "All Hail Laughter" Audio Post-Production
  • Recent Work: Jahmark & The Soulshakers "Dance HAll" Mixed and Mastered

Your Career - Your Music

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Mixing & Mastering Studio

Get your music to a competive mixed and mastered level. Multi-track and stem mixing for commercial, pop, rock, hard rock, reggae, and jazz. Mastering includes working with your two track mix to bring out the most of your music. Free online previews of you mixes and masters. Live multi-track and stereo mixes and remixes. We also provide Audio Post-Production and Foley services.


Sonic Discovery Studio strives for the very best in audio productions.

Avid Pro Tools
Maximum simultaneous audio tracks @ 48/96/192 kHz
128/64/32 (mono or stereo tracks)
Trinnov ST2 Pro
Genelec and Avatone Monitoring
Artist Control
Artist Mix
Mac Studio Computer
Glyph High Capacity SSD Drives
Avid Cloud collaboration
Numerous Plugins and Effects

TRINNOV Audio develops innovative solutions for a wide range of media, entertainment, and research audio applications. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art loudspeaker/room Optimizer, including the exclusive remapping technology and research work in the area of 3D Audio. The French manufacturer has always been committed to producing high-performance and reliable products for its demanding customers across the professional, high-end and commercial audio markets.
The Trinnov ST2 provides highly accurate monitoring by improving the phase response of every speaker offering a wider stereo image and more focused phantom sources. Trinnov’s ST2 Pro stereo processor is the ideal monitoring solution for cinema, post-production, broadcast and mastering studios.
The Optimizer is the only system on the market that not only compensates for the phase response of a loudspeaker but actually shows you what it does with acoustic graphs where you can see the before and after phase response for any given measurement position.

Genelec monitors deliver a completely truthful reference, allowing you hear the finest details of every sound without any artificial colouration. What you hear is the real deal.
A pair of truly accurate studio monitors are arguably the most important pieces of equipment in any professional recording studio.

HDVA 600: Frequency response 0.3 Hz to 100 kHz (-3 dB)
HD 800: Frequency response: 14 – 44100 Hz (- 3 dB)

Get the ultimate mixing experience
Make your music the best it can be with advanced metering tools. Mix and control tracks faster and easier with VCA Masters. Know true levels using 17 advanced metering options, including K-system, VU, and other professional standards. Gain reduction metering on every channel to gauge dynamics.

LUNA Recording System
The First Recording Platform with Deep Apollo Integration
LUNA gives Apollo owners the fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing. In addition to its seamless hardware‑software integration with Thunderbolt‑equipped* Apollo interfaces, LUNA Recording System allows capturing audio through DSP‑powered UAD plug‑ins with no discernible latency, as well as offering new Accelerated Realtime MonitoringTM — which provides analog‑style tracking and overdubbing workflows using Apollo’s onboard DSP acceleration.

Notable & Quotable...

“I can't thank you enough for all you've done to help me with this recording. I know you spent countless hours...Thank you and truck loads of love to you for lending your expertise to this recording.”
- Tom Rhodes (Comedian)
“Great working with you, very professional and fast.”
- Massagenerd
“Jeff did amazing work.”
- Ledjendary
“Thank for your generous contribution to the CD! You Rock!”
- Steve Guile - Apple Developer
“Jeff came to the rescue. He understood exactly what I was asking. His communications were supreme. He did the job above and beyond what was requested, did it quicker, faster, better and cheaper than anyone else! And all with a smile!”
- Rosepatents
Apple QuickTime
“Thank you for all your work on my recording. You made my audio a priority and went that extra step!”
- Linda


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